Candidate has a duty to make a project of one stage rocket in accordance with a
following parameters:

0) Projects should be performed using RockSim software.
1) Maximum lift off weight of the rocket can not be greater than 2500 g
2) Aspect ratio (the ratio of length and diameter) must be within the range of 10 to 20
3) Rocket body must be of a material G 10 Fiberglass with wall thickness not less than
2mm. For the rest of the components following materials are allowed :

PVC, Polyester, Epoxy, Wood, fiberglass, etc. ...

4) The actual rocket motor is 55mm diameter and 145mm in length (this is due to the
design of actual rocket structure if you want to make and launch your rocket in reality
5) For your projects please choose  Aerotech H 100 motor from engines database (average thrust -100N, engine working time - 3.20 sec.  and total impulse - 320 NS. Delay duration - 12 sec.
Engine mark H -100 - 12
6) Launch pad guides should not be placed on rocket body in the phase of the project.
7) Metal parts are not allowed, except for small screws and the like.
8) The length of the launch pad is 3m.
9) System for rocket descending should be included in the project, although duration of flight will not be considered but only rocket altitude reached at the time of parachute deployment ( release). In this regard, the designer has the freedom to put parachute or other mass objects as they want, taking into account the necessary weight for stable flight  and maximum allowed rocket
weight at the other side.
21) Use of metric units is obligatory
22) Regarding the all uncertainties during the design, questions can be sent on at which all candidates will be familiar with all the questions and answers

When calculating the stability of rockets, method of moments surface, ie
"Cardboard Cutout method"  should be used.
Interested participants can sign up to participate in the competition by filling the
application form.
After the application and payment of 30 € application fee candidates will receive necessary instructions to the address listed in the application and
become immediate candidates to win the award of the amount of  1.000,00 €.
In addition, owners of three best projects will be able to realize their
projects with the help of sponsors of the event, and launch rockets at the Memorial Festival of amateur rocketry "Borivoje Milicevic in the fall of 2010th year. To all these participants’ free accommodation and food during festival will be provided.


Projects should be submitted in electronic form to the address .

 The contest is open until 15 July 2010. at 14:00 h.

The deadline for the selection of the winning project is 01/08/2010.


Expert committee composed from a group of aerospace engineers will carry out an assessment of submitted projects and will check the stability of rockets, total and optimal weight, compliance with the length of the launch ramp, the weight of rocket, the coefficient of resistance, construction strength and other.

For the best project will be selected the rocket which achieve the highest altitude at the moment of parachute deploy in simulation exercise respect to all other competitors.
(Parachute is inserted into the project, but the candidates have completely right
that by their own estimate
put the concentrated mass in certain parts of missiles to
achieve static stability
The Commission have the right to reject all the projects which did not satisfy the basic
constructive conditions for the safe flight regardless they maybe achieved
maximum altitude in comparison to other competitors.

If two or more submitted projects are the same and issued by different teams or
individuals, commission will take under consideration the one who first arrived.

If two or more different rockets in simulations achieve the same results, and if at the same time these results are the best results, then the new simulation will be done, with a change of motor characteristics or external influences (a side wind and the like)until the same influences acting on different rockets do not realize the differences in the results.

Individuals or teams - authors of the wining project will be awarded by Rocket Research Center sponsors. Beside the main price for the first place of 1.000,00 €,  the winning projects will be supported in their realization and will be implemented in reality and fired at the High Power Rocket Festival which will be held on 25.09 and 26.09.2010. at sports airport Lisičji Jarak near the Belgrade,Serbia.  How it was look like last year you can watch at .

Schedule for this year will be published soon at

Organizer reserves the right that in case of low number of competitors, extend the application period, delay, or cancel the event (with an obligation to pay back all received registration fees to the registered candidates).